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Polished Skinn LLC

Strawberry Guava 🍓 Car Freshener

Strawberry Guava 🍓 Car Freshener

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Add a refreshing touch to your car interior with the Strawberry Guava Car Freshie. It's juicy, mouthwatering fruity blend of sweet strawberry and guava with the tropical blast of passionfruit and mango. This car freshie will not only keep your car smelling fresh but also add a decorative element to your vehicle's interior. Get ready to experience the fruity fusion that will leave you feeling refreshed every time you step into your car.



"Freshen up your ride with Strawberry Guava 🍓 Car Freshener. Simply remove the cap and plastic stopper, replace the cap, and hang it on your rearview mirror. Tilt to release a burst of refreshing scent. Keep your car smelling sweet and fruity! 🚗🍓"

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